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 admin request

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PostSubject: admin request   Thu Jun 17, 2010 8:56 pm

Personal Info Your name: mixalis
Age: 17
Your country: greece
Occupation: athens
Spoken languages: Greek, English.

Experience: good enough

Account Name: TsoKailLo13
Former experience and/or safelisted channels: DGH,YMC
Your activity and average playtime each week: if its summer a lot . if its winter about 2 hours per day
Which time of the day you usually play: i cannot play in the morning cause im sleeping
How long you have been playing DotA: about a year and a half
Your ability to communicate with others: perfect !
Have you read the rules and
agree to follow them?: of course
How do you react/behave when you're under
pressure?: i try to stay calm
Do you have any problems in listening/following your
superior's orders?: if he is a d*ck yes otherwise no
(according to ranks) Is there anyone who can
vouch for you?: maybe prot0n0s
Willing to discuss your application on
Ventrilo?(optional): i do not have ventrilo if you want my phone number ...
Final Thoughts Why do you want to be an Admin: to create games and to ban "bad" players
Why should we pick you and what can
you offer to us: i can offer you my time and my help
A few things about yourself: PAO GATE 13
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PostSubject: Re: admin request   Thu Jun 17, 2010 9:00 pm

to aitima s 8a ginei dekto

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admin request
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