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 aLieN-X applications

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PostSubject: aLieN-X applications   Fri Jul 02, 2010 5:51 am

Personal Info Your name: xristos
Age: 15
Your country:athina
Spoken languages:ellhnika...english..gallika

Experience, playtimes and general info Battle.Net

Account Name: aLieN-X
Former experience and/or safelisted channels:pezo private chanels opos gr iHL kai public vevea opos eleos nol kai fisika dota-leageu
Your activity and average playtime each week: 24ores
Which time of the day you usually play:proi mexri vradi
How long you have been playingDotA: 3 xronia
Your ability to communicate with others: Parapollu kalh
Have you read the rules and agree to follow them? nai
How do you react/behave when you're under pressure? xalaros oti kai na geinh
Do you have any problems in listening/following your superior's orders? oxi
(according to ranks) Is there anyone who can vouch for you? den 3ero kanena ala sigoura 8a mema8oun oloi apo ti dota pou pezo
Willing to discuss your application on Ventrilo?(optional)gt oxi
Final Thoughts*

Why do you want to be an Admin: gia na ginontai sosta games kai na min perimenh o kosmos
Why should we pick you and what can you offer to us: polla games kai me kali superifora apo kai ta 2 teams
A few things about yourself: xalaros
Additional information: DOTA FOR LIFE
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aLieN-X applications
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